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      It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Shirley has changed my life.

      Working together she has helped me change my perspective and outlook on life. I feel so much better in myself as a person and more able to deal with the problems in my life. With Shirley’s help I have learned to truly accept myself and be more genuine to myself and others.

      For me counselling is an investment in myself and a happier future. Working with Shirley has been worth every penny as I’ve finally started to achieve many of my long term goals. She encouraged me to be me – the real me.

      Shirley is a consummate professional and I respect her a huge amount as a person as well as a counsellor. This is down to the fact that she has always treated me with great respect and has made me feel that she genuinely wants the best for me. I think this is because she is simply one of the kindest, most genuine and lovely people. I trust her implicitly and you couldn’t wish for a better counsellor.

      Hugh, 27

      Shirley is a very skilled counsellor, whilst remaining totally relatable and authentic in her style.

      She is naturally warm and caring, which put us both at ease from the moment we met her. What we loved about Shirley was her ability to be so honest whilst holding us so safely in her sessions.

      When we started seeing Shirley our relationship was really rock bottom, and in the early weeks we thought it was broken beyond repair.  But over time, we’ve learned so much about each other and ourselves as she really took the time to get into our world and make us curious about each other.

      We now no longer question whether or not we will stay together.  We know there will be bumps in the road, but the faith in our marriage is now stronger than it’s ever been.  Shirley has equipped us with the tools and insight we need when the going gets tough – as in life it invariably will.

      She also has an awesome sense of humour! We often found ourselves in fits of giggles between the three of us and what a great medicine!  Thank you always ❤

      Damon (36) & Felicity (38)

      I feel like I’m in control and a lot happier in myself.

      I found Shirley at a time when I was struggling to cope and after my father died.

      I had seen a therapist in the past and I didn’t find it that helpful if I’m honest. This time it was different; from the beginning I felt like there was a positive connection. It gave me a routine and something to look forward to. Then from the sessions I was able to put into place boundaries and now I feel like I’m in control and a lot happier in myself.

      Shirley is a great listener and a wonderful therapist. I would highly recommend Shirley to anyone.

      Gareth, 30

      Shirley is a miracle worker!

      I found Shirley during one of the lowest points in my life and she was instrumental to my recovery from a nervous breakdown. She validated me and comforted me whilst also guiding me in the right direction. She helped me recognise harmful coping strategies that I used to deal with my mental health and gave me the tools I needed to go forward and take care of myself.

      An amazing therapist and an all round wonderful person. Cannot recommend her highly enough!

      Sophie, 26

      I didn’t think therapy would be for me, but when my marriage was in crisis I didn’t know what else to do. I learnt so much about myself and my relationships in our first session that I actually looked forward to more therapy and told everyone I knew they should try it! It wasn’t easy, but with Shirley’s help we worked through our problems and fell in love again.

      Rachael, 40 and Giles, 46

      Shirley helped me at a very difficult time, when life was moving in an unwanted direction and my sense of agency, hope and energy felt depleted. She helped me to explore my inner voice and to grow, equipping me with the tools to begin to overcome my problems. She provided a great balance of compassion, realism and positivity and I am very grateful for our conversations.

      Helen, 33

      Shirley has helped me so much during my time with her. She is an empathic and compassionate listener, who mixes being non-judgemental with offering practical advice that I have since been able to implement in my life. It’s obvious that she really cares about the work that she does, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking a counsellor.

      Kat, 25

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      Please let me know as soon as possible if you need to go into self-isolation, even if you have not been the week before as this allows both myself and other clients to make informed decisions.

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